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Top 5 Best Mattresses

Number 1

Regal Splendour - by Best Rest Beds. This mattress is the goldilocks of mattresses, it's both supportive and comfortable. Cool and soft bamboo material cover. It accounts for 17% of our total sales.
From $395
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Top 5 Best Mattresses

Number 2 Best Selling Mattress

Extravagance - A little bit firmer than the Regal Splendour, with the added durability and health feature of natural latex comfort zone.
From $445 (S)

Number 3 Best Selling Mattress

Regal Magnificence - Our most luxurious and fully featured mattress. The mattress of choice for luxury B&B owners and individuals who want it all.
From $995 (D)

Number 4 Best Selling Mattress

Regal Affluence - This is our coolest and very heavily featured mattress. A bit firmer than the first 3, great value for a double sided, 7 zone cool technology mattress.
From $1,095 (D)

Number 5 Best Selling Mattress

Sleepmaker Berkley Medium - Luxury Comfortable pillow top, supportive pocket springs, foam box edge.
From $1595 (D)