AirBnB Mattresses

The New Airbnb Logo: Learning from the Controversy

Depending on what customer segment you are marketing your AirBnB to, will depend on what type of mattress to use.  Regardless of your price bracket, please do not use foam only or bonnell spring mattresses for your AirBnB. You may save a few hundred dollars in the short term but you will never get a positive reaction from guests, costing you missed revenue and a shorter mattress life.

Based on customer feedback, both from other AirBnB hosts and from our own guests in our AirBnB properties, the 7 zone: Latex Extraordinaire, Regal Magnificence and Regal Luxury mattresses are 5 star quality that guests will rave about.  They are also double sided so you will get extra life out of the mattress and if there is an unfortunate accident on one side, then flip it over.

For more budget focused hosts, the Extravagance and Regal Splendour 5 zone mattress are also good options.

Call us for our exclusive pricing and delivery for Airbnb hosts.  We supply Airbnb mattresses across Australia including to property managers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

We offer an urgent delivery service for afterhours and weekends if you need it to replace an old mattress that has been damaged.

Want an extra income source?  If you display an advertising promotion to guests about the mattresses along we will provide your guest a discount voucher and pay you a referral bonus if they purchase one of our mattresses.