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  1. Matching your needs to the mattress features is very difficult without trying it first, so it may be too firm, too soft, too hot or just not a good feel.  All these factors can effect your sleep

  2. Buying a mattress online is a relatively new phenomenon.

  3. These mattresses are compressed by a massive machine then vacuum sealed in an air tight bag.  Often they are then rolled into a bog for easy transport. This can damage the springs and material if left for too long in this rolled state.  Also the chemical smell can be locked into the bag.

  4. All mattress in a box products are made overseas.

  5. In order to be able to roll up the mattress, the side support of the mattress must be either none existent or very forgiving meaning the edge support is not good for sitting on or sleeping on the edge.

  6. It can take a few weeks for these mattresses to unroll and fully inflate.

  7. Shopping online can be time consuming and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice.

  8. Warranty period are usually only 3 to 5 years.

  9. This is a very competitive market and the margins to the manufacturer and retailer are very thin, so the quality of the mattress usually suffers.  Synthetic and inferior materials are used. The benefit to the consumer is a cheaper mattress. 

  10. Delivery is usually included in the purchase price, which means there must be an impact on the actual mattress quality when you take out the nominal delivery fee.  

  11. These online stores are usually owned by an interstate or overseas business that has no connection to your local community.

Mattress Store

  1. You get to try a number of mattresses before you buy, reducing the chances of a poor match to your needs.

  2. You get personal, face-to-face service and advice from a bedding salesperson.

  3. The structural integrity of the mattress is much higher as are the materials used. Resulting in a more enjoyable sleep.

  4. Many mattresses are made in Australia.

  5. These mattresses are flat and ready to use immediately, not changing firmness over its lifetime, with most having a 10 to 15 year warranty.

  6. Aftersales service, you can walk into your local store that is owned by a member of your community putting profits back into other local stores and schools. Some stores will swap an ill fitting mattress.