Bed & Mattress Height

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Why is Mattress Height Important?

For most people getting in and out of bed is not an issue.  You may only notice a concern if it is extremely too low or too high for you.  However for those of us who are very tall or vertically challenged (short) or may have hip, knee or back injury then it becomes far more critical to get the optimum height.  Otherwise getting in and out of a low bed can put too much strain on your body joints and muscles. 

This is even more critical as we age. For an elderly or infirm person getting in and out of a too tall bed, can result in a fall or unnecessary effort.

For those of you with a pet who frequent your bed, height may be important to them and you also  

What is the Normal or Average Mattress Height?

Most bed bases are 30cm high and most mattresses about 26cm to 32cm.

Firmer and cheaper mattresses are lower usually around 22cm

Plush and luxury mattresses with a pillow top are in the range 32cm to 45cm.  Most double sided luxury mattresses are in the higher range. 

Solutions to Fix Height Issues

How to compensate for a too low base - we stock feet for bases in 2.5in, 4in and 6in. These are flat slider and caster (wheel) feet. 

So long as there is some air flow under the bed base you don't even need feet. We have seen clients use cork on each bed base corner.

For pets consider a ramp or step rather than making your bed suit them but no you, however this is a personal choice.