Double Sided Flip Mattress

Double sided or flip mattress offers two mattresses in one!  You could have a summer and winter set up, with cooling features for summer and warmer features for winter. Or maybe slightly firmer on one side, softer on the other. 

So why doesn't every mattress manufacturer offer this great value option?  

  • It costs more to make a double sided mattress

  • The manufactures factory may not be set up to produce a flip over mattress.

  • The double sided flip mattress will generally last longer, so you don't need to come back and buy a new mattress quite as soon, thus costing the manufacture lost sales.

  • A flip over mattress is slightly heavier, so extra freight and handling costs for the manufacture.

At Save A Lot Beds, we believe in value for money, which is why many of our mattresses are offered in double sided, at a fraction of the cost of an entire single sided mattress.

We offer the following mattresses in double sided:

  1. Regal Magnificence

  2. Regal Luxury - has a summer and winter settings

  3. Regal Splendor

  4. Extravagance

  5. Regal Affluence - is slightly firmer on one side

  6. Regal Divinity

How often should you flip over your mattress?

We suggest every 3 to 6 months with the change of season.

If you flip and rotate you will use all four sleeping areas of the mattress to help even out wear.