Cooling Mattress Features

What are the best cooling features you can have in a mattress?
  1. Less or no pillow top - as you lay on your mattress, does the pillow top wrap around you? This is the number one way to over heat. Try choosing a mattress with a very low or no pillow top.

  2. Material - synthetic material tends to not breath as well as natural fibers. Consider a mattress with cotton, bamboo or wool blend fabric.

  3. Gel infused comfort layer.  Either memory foam or latex that has been infused with cooling gel has been shown to lower the mattress temperature by 1.9%c.

  4. Open / breathable sides - this allows for better heat transfer than enclosed mattress sides.

  5. Slat base vs flat enclosed base - if air can pass through the bed or base into the mattress this will help with heat transfer and cooling the mattress.

  6. Hybrid mattress with pocket springs and a comfort layer will stay cooler than a solid foam or solid latex mattress. The wire springs are wrapped in a material to form individual pockets, this helps to reduce heat disbursement.


Regal Affluence mattress has all of the above features and as a bonus it is double sided.


  1. Air conditioning is very effective in keeping your mattress cool.

  2. A gel pad build into the mattress does not tend to work very well after it warms up from the body,