Age Based Mattress Size Features

1. Children and teenagers: Single or king single mattress, innerspring with durable fabric, providing support for growing bodies at in the cheaper price range.


2. Young adults and college students: King single or double size mattress, that offers a balance of comfort and support for more physically active people.  An entry level pocket spring mattresses offer good affordability and features.


3. Single adults: Any size mattress that fits in your room. Many choose the king single or queen due to the extra length.  The firmness rating will need to match your individual body needs. Softer for pressure point and joint relief and firmer to support the back and muscles.


4. Seniors: Adjustable bed, allowing for customization and easier positioning for getting in and out of bed is a great option. The height of the mattress is also an important feature to help reduce strain on the body’s joints getting into and out of the bed. More people will choose a softer mattress to reduce pressure point pain, however some may prefer a bit firmer as they may have a bad back that needs extra support.


5. Couples: Higher quality queen or king size mattress, providing ample space for two people to sleep comfortably. The more space the less partner disturbance and it may help you stay cooler.  A compromise of features to suit two people is needed.


6. Guests: Air mattress or sofa bed, is a convenient option for temporary sleeping arrangements. If you have the space and want your guests to be comfortable, choose an entry to mid-range pocket spring mattress with medium firmness, that caters for a wide range of body types and needs.