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Memory foam mattresses are not new to the scene, but they have never relinquished their status as a premier sleeping surface. Memory foam, to many, provides the ultimate in comfort and sleeper separation.

Originally designed by aerospace engineers as a durable, mouldable seat cushion material for the space shuttle, memory foam has been found useful wherever soft and malleable cushions are desired. They have been employed for the disabled, many of whom require a cushion with the fewest possible number of pressure points. This is their most noticeable advantage: memory foam mattresses, more than any other, spread the weight of the sleeper across their weight very evenly, more so than any other mattress. This makes them ideal for those of us with recurring injuries or pains that can keep us from sleep. They are also excellent choices if one sleeps on their side, where pressure points are more noticeable.

But their advantages don't stop at straight comfort. Memory foam transmits very little movement and vibration across its surface. Two sleepers can sleep in relative isolation on a memory foam mattress, making them ideal for those of us with restless partners, or who go to bed at different hours.

Sinking in to memory foam is a great way to pamper yourself each night. They demand a premium price for their comforts, but their adherents consider it a very worthwhile investment, given the benefits of proper rest and refreshment each night. At Save A Lot, we offer a huge variety of memory foam mattresses, in a range of sizes, to suit your home and your budget.


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