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Getting the Most out of your Adelaide Mattress | Tips for a Restful Sleep

admin 1 - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The reality of being a human being is that we require our nightly hibernation to function properly. Most people need between six and eight hours of nightly rest, but this doesn’t just mean time spent in bed. We require some proper, deep sleep, known as REM sleep, to refresh and recharge our bodies.

But this isn’t as easy as it looks. In these fast-paced time, we might be dragging ourselves away from work or play, and arrive in bed with our minds and bodies too stimulated to sleep. We might be overtired, exhausted from a long day, and still struggle to get to sleep.

This has become a very pertinent issue with our increased usage of screens. Typical screens exhibit a blue light, which is interpreted by us as something akin to sunlight. This, essentially, tricks our bodies in to believing that it is still daytime, and we can struggle to go to sleep without a great deal of tossing and turning.

An hour before turning in for the night and hopping aboard your Adelaide mattress, it is best to attempt to remove yourself from exposure to any screens around you. You want to lower the lighting and the volume level, and partake in a calming, quiet stretch – reading a book is an ideal method of accomplishing this.

This method isn’t only for us overworked adults. If your young ones are having trouble getting down, this tenet is especially important. There is probably nothing worse in the world than a grumpy child who hasn’t slept enough.

As your mattress experts, we can help you get the sleep that you deserve. Contact us today for the best mattresses available in Adelaide, and around Australia.

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